Accidental Repair and Planning Permission

Often overlooked, accidental repair and planning permission are two things that can greatly affect your insurance.

If either of those two occurs in your house, then it helps to know what your options are, or how its going to change your house insurance. After all, you don’t want to assume nothing happened, only to be caught unaware later on when the cost of your policy has gone up.

Of course, a decent insurance policy will cover accidental repairs and take planning permission into account. Yet it always helps to be prepared, especially if the worst does come to pass.

Accidental Repair

Accidents can happen, especially in the home. Whilst most building insurance policies will cover basic wear and tear of your house against the elements, accidents can still happen both in and outside the home.

Without proper insurance, this can be costly. If you choose to go through the insurance route, a poor policy choice may result in pushed up premiums when you next renew. In that case, it may be more affordable to have the repairs paid for by yourself. Likewise, smaller repairs can be done by yourself, but these are easier to cover from insurance without affecting your overall claims too much.

Planning Permission

Planning permission may seem like an odd item to mention, but it is important none the less. For whatever reason, if you find yourself in a situation where planning permission should have been obtained, but ultimately was not, then you may be in trouble without adequate insurance.

A reliable insurance policy will include, or offer the addition of, a legal indemnity insurance policy. This takes in the legal risks of the situation, as well as keeping your mortgage safe. It can also be passed down to future owners of the house, ensuring the house’s condition is maintained.

In conclusion, there is all the need to have both planning permission and accidental repairs covered by your insurance company. It might not be a common occurrence, but it only needs to happen once to cause a drastic financial situation. Proper home owners insurance, then, is a small price to pay for greater peace of mind.

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